How do I fix Username/Password Failure Utility Sync issues?

When you see this issue on a Utility Sync account, it means that the username or password entered on that specific utility provider page within a site in Measurabl (see screenshot below) is incorrect. However, it may also mean that your username and password ARE correct, but that the utility provider website address (URL) in Measurabl needs to be updated. 

Without the correct login credentials or website address, Measurabl can’t access your utility bill information to push automatic updates. 

You may have direct access to this information, and if so you can skip to the resolution steps below. 

If you’ve forgotten the password, but the utility web portal account is tied to your email, you can head to the utility web portal page and follow the steps to recover/reset the password, then enter the new password into Measurabl. 

If you don’t have this information, your next steps will depend on how your organization manages this information. If you don’t already know who has this information, you’ll need to reach out to likely gatekeepers such as Accounts Payable, the property manager, sustainability department, or utility bill pay vendor. 

Once you find the right person, it’s a good idea to agree on a process to make sure that your team is notified the next time changes are made to utility login or account information. That way, you can keep the information in Measurabl up-to-date, and your automatic data updates will continue uninterrupted. 

Once you have the correct information, follow these steps in Measurabl:

  1. Head to the Utility Sync tab
  2. Select the site with the issue you’re solving
  3. Select the utility provider with the issue you’re solving
  4. Enter the correct username and password or change the website URL if the login works for another website link (copy and paste to be sure you’re entering the exact credentials)
  5. Click the green save "√". 

Measurabl will review your changes and remove the flag within 24 hours.


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