How do I resolve Account Setup Required issues on my Utility Sync accounts?

When you see this type of issue on a Utility Sync account, it means that your utility web portal account requires further account setup steps before successful login. While the exact solution will depend on your utility and what steps are required, here’s the basic process to resolve these issues:

  1. Head to the utility provider's website (click the arrow in the "Website Address" box on the site utility provider page within Utility Sync, screenshot below)
  2. Log into your utility web portal account (use the username and password that appear on the site utility provider page as shown below)
  3. Complete the steps required for account setup (i.e. reset password, verify email, fill out form, etc.).
  4. Leave us a note in the "Notes for Measurabl" section of the utility provider profile or reach out to our support team letting us know the account setup is complete. 
    1. If the account setup requires a new password or username, simply updating the corresponding field in Measurabl and clicking the green click the green "√" is sufficient.


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