How do I fix Missing Security Answers issues on my Utility Sync accounts?

When you see this type of issue on a Utility Sync account, it means that the utility provider portal login process requires answering specific security questions and that those questions and answers have not been added to Measurabl. Without this information, our software can’t access utility bills for that account to push automatic updates. 

One way to access this information is to navigate to the utility web portal address (found on the utility provider page in Measurabl, screenshot below) and use the username and password entered in Measurabl to login. 

On the resulting page, you’ll see the security questions pop up. If you set up those questions and know the answers, you can quickly add them to the provider page in Measurabl to resolve the issue. 

If the utility web portal account is tied to you and you’ve forgotten the answers, you can work with the utility provider to reset your login credentials and set up new security questions and answers, then adding those new questions and answers (and a new password if needed) to Measurabl. 

If you don’t have the security questions and answers, your next steps will depend on how your organization manages this information. If you don’t already know who has this information, you’ll need to reach out to likely gatekeepers such as Accounts Payable, the property manager, sustainability department, or utility bill pay vendor to track it down.

Once you have the information, you’ll add it to Measurabl as follows: 

  1. Head to the Utility Sync tab
  2. Click the site with the issue you’re trying to resolve
  3. Click the utility provider with the issue you’re trying to resolve
  4. Click "Add Security Question."
  5. Add the security question(s) with corresponding answer(s) and click the green "√".

Measurabl will review your changes and remove the flag within 24 hours

Tip: The spelling of the security question doesn't need to be exact but the answer does.


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