How can I track my meter activation dates?

Utility meters collect your site’s utility data and overall performance for your energy, water, and waste data over time. By adding information to each utility meter’s details, you can provide key information that gives you a more holistic picture of your utility data. 

Meter details other than the utility data itself enable you to track meter activation dates (start and end dates), meter name, meter type, meter currency and units, whether it’s paid by the landlord or tenant, and which area (space) the meter is serving.

This guide will tell you how to edit and view your meter activation dates and how Measurabl handles meter activation data for your portfolio! 



Meter activation dates (commonly known as start and end dates) show the date the meter first became active and the date that the meter became inactive (if applicable). You likely have meters that are still active, in which case is also indicated in the meter details on your site, along with its activation date. 

Follow these instructions to view or edit or meter activation dates:

    1. Navigate to your site
    2. Go to the ‘Utilities’ tab
    3. Select the meter you want to edit or viewScreen_Shot_2019-12-11_at_11.49.37_AM.png
    4. If your meter is active, there will be a green toggle set to “YES
      *To set the meter as ‘inactive’, select the toggle to “NO”. This will prompt you to add a Deactivation Date.
    5. Below, under ‘Activation Date’, the date of activation will appear. 
      *The first meter reading will automatically be set as the meter activation date. If you want to change this, uncheck the checkbox and you can change the meter activation date.
    6. Save any changes by clicking ‘Save’ on the top-right of the inspector



Can I edit meter activation dates for Utility Sync meters?

No, you cannot edit meter activation dates for Utility Sync meters - these are automated. You can reach out to our Support Team if you believe your Utility Sync meter dates need to be adjusted.

Can I edit meter activation dates for ENERGY STAR sourced meters? 

Yes. You can edit meter activation dates or meter activation status on ENERGY STAR meters as long as it’s shared with Measurabl with Full Access. Access this guide for more information on sharing meters with ENERGY STAR.

Are there any restrictions on changing the meter activation date?

You may not add an activation date that is after the date of the meter’s first meter reading. It must be before that.

How does the meter activation data affect my portfolio?

Actions dates allow Measurabl to detect whether an absence of data is a gap that requires resolution or is simply outside of the active periods for that meter.

How does Measurabl handle meter activation data?

  • We store this information to determine data gaps for your meters
  • The activation date is the date that the meter was “turned on” and when the meter reading data should start flowing at the site
  • Deactivation date is the date that the meter was “turned off” and when there should be no more meter readings at the site
  • We do not allow entering or syncing of meter data outside of that meter’s activation period
  • We offer an option to set the activation date of a meter based on the date of the meter’s earliest reading so that you do not have to manually enter the activation date.

If you have any questions about meter activation dates, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support Team!

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