Can I add meters to ENERGY STAR sites in Measurabl?

Yes, you can add energy, water, and waste meters to ENERGY STAR sites in Measurabl. 

Those new meters will NOT be pushed to ENERGY STAR - they will only appear in Measurabl.

In short, you can now add meters to Measurabl for ENERGY STAR sites without having to go through ENERGY STAR to do it.

Click here for an in-app walkthrough on adding meters to ENERGY STAR sites in the app!

If you do need meters added to ENERGY STAR, add them within ENERGY STAR either manually or via bulk spreadsheet upload. We will then pull them into the app automatically.

Doable for ENERGY STAR sites in Measurabl?




Add meters manually


Add meters via bulk upload

Contact Support

Contact Support

Contact Support

Edit ENERGY STAR meters in Measurabl


Add meters to ENERGY STAR from Measurabl



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