How to Add Manual Meter Data

Measurabl's intuitive platform makes adding manual meter data simple, whether you're adding data to individual meters in the app or pushing larger amounts of data via spreadsheet upload. 

Click here for a full walkthrough in the app on adding manual meter data!

How to add meter data in bulk to manual sites

You can push meter data to manual sites in bulk through our bulk upload template. You'll use the same file used to add sites in bulk

First, you'll download that spreadsheet. Then, you'll fill out the columns with green headers in the "Submission Form - Buildings" tab. Simply download the "Sites" tab (click the download icon right next to the green "Add Bulk Sites" icon), then copy and paste the information from there into the Bulk Sites template so there are no errors. If you're pushing data in bulk for sites outside the U.S. and Canada, talk to our support team to make sure this process will work for all of your sites. 

Once you do that, you can fill out the "Submission Form - Meters" tab to note any meters and usage you want to add in bulk. If you're adding multiple bills for each meter, you'll simply repeat the site name, meter name, and meter type for each row of usage you'd like to add to that meter. 

Once you've added that information, upload the bulk sites template, and your meter data will be posted within three days!

NOTE: If you're a site manager who needs to upload data in bulk, reach out to our support team for the latest version of the template. Once filled with your meter data, please send the spreadsheet back to and we'll help get that data uploaded for you!

How to add a meter manually

  1. Navigate to the desired site from the Sites tab.
  2. Click on the "Utilities" tab.
  3. Utilities are segmented by metric, and you can toggle between Energy, Water, and Waste.
  4. Click on the green "+" next to the desired meter type within the desired metric
  5. Fill out the Name, Type, and Units, then click "Save".

How to add a manual reading

  1. Navigate to the desired site from the Sites tab.
  2. Click on the "Utilities" tab.
  3. Navigate to the desired meter.
  4. Under "Readings", click on the green "+".
  5. Fill out the reading Dates, Usage*, and Spend, then click "Save".
    *When adding readings to an existing meter, make sure to enter data in the same units.

Questions? Contact our support team.


What if I'm trying to add readings to an existing meter, but the units are different?

Each meter can only support one type of unit (if a meter has always read CCF, you must enter any new reading in CCF). To add new meter data under a new unit going forward, you can create a new meter, and specify the new units under the "Unit" dropdown menu. 

If you want to switch the meter, including its historical data, over to the new unit, you'll want to download the meter's historical data (via the Data Quality Report), convert its consumption over to the new unit, post a new meter with the new unit, push the converted historical consumption to the new meter, then delete the old meter. 

I accidentally entered the wrong data for a previous reading, how can I correct this?

Simply navigate to and click the desired reading, and you can make your edits. Don't forget to save!

How do I know if my meter(s) is active or inactive?

Measurabl allows you to track meter activation dates within Measurabl for all meter types and utility types. For more information, navigate to this guide.

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