Set Up Utility Data Automation

Tired of manually collecting utility data? No problem, Measurabl automates it all for a single building or a whole portfolio. Get rid of the headache and get results.


With Utility Sync, Measurabl can collect data directly from your utility provider, and push the data to your Measurabl and Energy Star account automatically. Set up Utility Sync for your portfolio and say goodbye to manual entry in just a few minutes.


  1. Navigate to the Utility Sync tab.
  2. Search for a building.
  3. Click a site. Sites with the "+ No Accounts" Status are not activated.
  4. Select "Add Utility Provider."
  5. Add utility provider credentials.
  6. Complete steps 4 & 5 for each utility provider in this building.


  1. Utility Provider name.
  2. Utility Provider's online portal website address.
  3. Username/password (if required to access online portal).
  4. Utility Account number(s).


  • New “meters” will be created in ENERGY STAR for each automated utility account and meter.
  • Automated meters will always begin with “MSR.”
  • Measurabl will set the deactivation date of all current meters in Energy Star to the start date of the “MSR” meters. This will prevent overlapping data. If a meter should remain on, please email Measurabl!


What data does Utility Sync push to my Measurabl and Energy Star account?

  • Bill date ranges
  • Utility usage and total cost
  • Demand (kw) and demand cost (electric meters only)

Tell me more about Demand tracking?

When demand is available on the bill, Measurabl auto-populates demand and demand cost into the electric meter in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. Check out this ENERGY STAR guide to learn more about demand tracking.

Which internet browsers does Measurabl Support? 

Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

I received an email about a Utility Sync issue. How do I fix it? 

Measurabl notifies you via email if there's a problem with Utility Sync. You can check the status of your accounts at anytime by logging into Measurabl and looking at the "Status" column on your Utility Sync page. Here's a short video on how to fix the most common issues.

One of my utility accounts is now inactive, what should I do? 

If you have a new account number, click "+ Add Accounts" to add the new account number before completing the next steps.

Click into the provider page where the account is activated in your Utility Sync account and locate the settings icon (blue button) in the right-most column of the account table to "Deactivate Account". If you're unable to deactivate the account because it's the only account in the provider, click the "Deactivate Provider" orange button at the top of the page.

My utility accounts in Measurabl were transferred to the current tenants and I no longer have access. What do I do?

Add these notes in the "Notes for Measurabl" text box for the utility provider. Measurabl will make note that we will no longer be able to pull in utility data with that login information until the tenant moves out again.

Have a different question?

Measurabl is here for you every step of the way! Please email our Customer Success Team.

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