How can Measurabl help me get “report ready” for CDP?

Measurabl provides the go-to app to help you prepare to report to CDP!

Our platform uniquely positions you to report efficiently and maximize your scores. Here’s how.


We pull all CDP survey questions directly into the app, so the portfolio/subgroup manager and members can all collaborate on the survey. We save your work automatically so that you can move at your own pace.


We can push all the survey data you’ve entered into the app, including asset-level data, straight to CDP.

Not just that: we map your CDP response for the previous year into our app’s GRESB portal for you, even if you didn’t report with us last year.

Based on the data you provide, we calculate energy usage along with scope 1 and 2 emissions stats automatically. If you’re using Utility Sync, we’re pushing the data for your Utility Sync accounts automatically (once you set up all your accounts and fix all issues).

In-App Response Check

Our in-app response check instantly lets you know of any missing responses, site data, or broken hyperlinks throughout your CDP survey response. It also links you to the exact pages where you need to go to fill those data gaps.

Data Quality

You can use our data quality alerts to see swings in utility usage/cost that are worth double checking. You can also use our Data Quality Report to take a close look at all of your site data and monthly utility data to make sure everything looks accurate. Review the Portfolio Trends tab to take a high-level look at performance metrics across sites and see which may be missing data.

Partners and Verification

Contact our support team, and we’ll put you in touch with an experienced partner who can secure you additional points through data verification.

What about the individual survey questions?

We’ve broken out how we help you with specific survey questions below:

Question ID

Question Name

Location in CDP “Data Summary” in Measurabl

Notes on How it Works


Number of Projects


Projects relevant to the reporting year are totaled here, with their estimated annual emissions savings


Implemented Project Details


Projects with their emissions and cost savings are listed here


Base Year

Carbon Emissions

Base year scope 1 emissions and scope 2 emissions (using both location-based and market-based method) totaled



Carbon Emissions

Appropriate GHG emission calculation methodology automatically designated


Facility Emissions

Carbon Emissions

Facility emissions automatically calculated


Total Scope 1 Emissions

Carbon Emissions

Total scope 1 emissions automatically calculated


Scope 2 Emissions

Carbon Emissions

Total scope 2 emissions automatically calculated


Scope 3

Carbon Emissions

Total scope 3 emissions from tenant usage automatically calculated


Scope 1 Country Breakdown

Carbon Emissions

Scope 1 emissions by country automatically calculated


Activity Breakdown

Carbon Emissions

Scope 1 emissions by fuel type automatically calculated


Scope 2 Country Breakdown

Carbon Emissions

Scope 2 emissions by country automatically calculated


Activity Breakdown

Carbon Emissions

Scope 2 emissions by fuel type automatically calculated


Energy-related activity totals


Energy usage by activity automatically calculated


Emissions factors

Carbon Emissions

Emissions factors used for each fuel, with their sources, automatically designated


Electricity Production and Consumption

Renewable Energy

Renewable electricity production and consumption automatically calculated

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