How do I fix my Utility Sync issues?

 If you see issues on a Utility Sync account, it either means that there are mismatches between the utility account information entered in Measurabl versus the utility web portal, or that further steps are required in the utility web portal before Measurabl can access the data. 


  1. Head to the the Utility Sync tab.
  2. Go to the “Utility Accounts” page
  3. Filter the “Status” column for “Has Issue” to see a detailed list of each Utility Sync account affected by an issue and the nature of the issueUtility_Accounts.png
  4. Select one of the listed accounts to access the utility provider page to begin updating the utility account information in Measurabl.


For specifics on how to resolve each type of Utility Sync issue, please see the detailed articles below.

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